Perhaps in our profession more than in any other, it is important to know your “why”. It should be the driving force for your entire business and what keeps you motivated and focused. Whenever there is doubt in your mind, you should always be able to turn to you ‘why’ to help you keep moving forward. What drives you the MOST? It’s easy to say that your “why” is that you want to earn more income. But what drives you beyond that? Maybe you want to earn more income so you can buy a house or pay off your mortgage…maybe you want to travel…maybe you want to quit your job or even retire. The deeper you dig into your “why”, the stronger it will be and the less likely you’ll be derailed from achieving your goals. What drives your actions right now? This feeds directly back into your “why”. Right now you’re missing your children. Right now you’re struggling with debt. Right now, you think you’re not feeling your best. Your “why” can answer these troubles.
Once we establish your “why” we will start to build a story around it. This story is what you’ll share and it will have your passion and enthusiasm wrapped around it so when you share people will feel your authenticity and excitement. Its sooooo much fun, you will love building your business. Can’t wait to help you with the next lesson on how to build your name list.
If you think this might help someone you know please make sure to share it and add comments and remember anything is possible and expect miracles.

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