Simply the best!

Thank you Amanda for being a selfless, inspiring leader. Always leading,always stepping up to the plate, Always following up. Your commitment to process and product are indisputable. Thank you for sharing your passion, time and unending support, you are simply the best.

Donalda Madsen

True leadership

I so appreciate the leadership you have demonstrated to associates across Canada. It was wonderful support that you gave to us over the summer, heading up daily calls to lead us into our Team Canada 90 day blitz. It was encouraging and helpful in guiding us in doing the "next best thing". We know that we can never maximize our potential in any area without coaching, and effective coaching comes from those who have the "fruit on the tree". You have and continue to demonstrate that for us. You are very visible in the company community and I see and hear those foundational qualities of being Hungry Honeable and Honorable. Your learning and performing is visible for all to see. I look forward to following you and would love to be a part of your blog!

Joan Mallory

Genuinely a top leader

AMANDA LATREILLE is much more than a successful business leader. She is a coach who impacts & inspires others by her ability to really listen. Amanda has mastered her genuine gift of relating well to others, thus gaining the respect & trust of those who engage with her. I have found that one of her most attractive skills is how skillfully and professionally she articulates on all subject matters. Her high energy for life along with her laser focus for what really matters comes through no matter the topic at hand. Another impressionable trait she posses is her ability to draw people together and form successful teams. She is quick to acknowledge others for their positive contributions, and also encourages others to participate in meaningful, critical conversations that are often crucial to the success of a team. Amanda is genuinely a top leader, and it is a true pleasure to know and work with her.

Lillian C Mercado

Thank you Amanda!

Since the first time we saw Amanda on stage, we knew she was a unique woman! Her attitude, her passion and most of all her friendly demeanour. She was someone you wouldn't forget meeting. Mannatech is a business that truly cares, and Amanda is a perfect example of that. Personally she has helped us stay motivated and see how to look at things from a positive perspective. Amanda is very inspiring. We are very grateful to be around such great leaders and to be able to learn from the best!

Tom Anderson and Alycia Davies

Group and individual coaching with Amanda

I have received first group and now individual coaching with Amanda. As a result I have enjoyed three international week long incentive trips with my company. Besides coaching me, she has also done group coaching with my team, on specific network marketing skills and personal development. She has flown, on a number of occasions, from Vancouver to Nova Scotia to do one on one and group training with myself and my associates. This has kept our team together and growing over the past ten years. When I took time off to do mission work, with my company in Kenya, I knew my team was in good hands while I was gone. I and my team love working with Amanda.

Pat MacNeil

Amanda knows how to motivate

We have known Amanda for 25 years and have partnered with her in our business venture for 16 years. Amanda has built a successful business through her ability to lead and motivate others to achieve their success. She has the ability to help others see and reach for their potential through focused visualization and support. It has been a pleasure to call her our friend and business associate.

Gary & Patricia Browett

Amanda is a people-specialist

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amanda for over 16 years now. I used to be a 911 Operator and Dispatcher and have had the opportunity to work with many ‘leaders’ in my profession but no one has ever connected with me like Amanda has. She has helped me find my true strengths and inspires and challenges me, while supporting me all along the way. She is a genuine leader and has a unique talent to develop the leader within everyone she works with. She is an amazing listener and extracts the passion and purpose that lives inside of me that, over the years, I might have allowed to lay dormant. She has helped me identify what holds me back so that I can continue to create the life I really want – which is one rich in making a difference for others, including my family. Amanda is patient and honest and truly cares about people; she has the perfect blend of ‘work’ and ‘play’. She is not content to let me just sit around and wallow (believe me, I was very good at that); she helps me to get up, harness those gifts I have inside and get back on the path moving in the right direction again. Amanda is a people-specialist and can help anyone with a strong enough dream and drive to reach the heights of what they’re truly capable of; a life with better rewards. She is a friend, a coach, a mentor and an eagle, and I’m blessed to be soaring with her!

Kristi Kozel