About Amanda Latreille

Hi, I’m Amanda Latreille.  Today is a great day for you to start building the life you dream of and I am here to help you.  Whether it’s your finances, health, weight, happiness…the skills are all the same.  I invite people to dream again.  You can do, be and have all that you can imagine.  What are you waiting for?

Let me share a little of my story, how I went from a burned  out banker to living my dream life.

22 years ago I worked for one of the large Canadian banks as an Account Manager. I had worked for the bank for 15 years, had a good job looking after a 50 million dollar portfolio for high end clients. I loved my clients and I loved my actual work but what I didn’t like was the targets, the politics, all the restrictions of working in a job. I didn’t like other people having control over my work and my life. The worst part was you could never get the carrot… you could never feel like you were doing a top notch job because they kept moving the targets and you were at the whim of your boss or supervisor.

In 1996 my whole life changed. I took a 30 day home study course with Tony Robbins where he talked about having freedom… financial freedom, time freedom. He said anyone could have it if they wanted it. Well, I made my decision right then….I was in! I knew I wanted it but I also knew I couldn’t get it working at the bank so I was ‘in the looking zone’ as they say.  |I found a company that had what I was looking for.   I became an  entrepreneur, began running my own business, my own life and that’s  when my personal development  training began.  Since then I have read literally hundreds of books on how people reach their true potential.  I was so intrigued with how the brain worked and how our old programming was running our lives.  I also learned that we can change that old programming and start living the life we dream of.  That is now my mission… to help  people realize their true potential, learn how to change the way they see things, make some adjustments and really take control of their lives and their future.

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Now I have a burning desire to serve others and show them that  they can have the life of their dreams.

I’m glad to meet you and I hope you will let me open the door to new and wonderful possibilities that life has to offer you.

Anything is possible, expect miracles!

Amanda Latreille